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Coffin Joe:Awakening of the Beast DVD/Insert+2 Comics


Coffin Joe's Dark Resurgence: "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse" DVD - Unearth the Dread with Director Supervision and Exclusive Comic Book Reproduction

Revel in the Macabre: "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse" DVD with Director's Insights and Coffin Joe Comic Book

Unleash the horror with the definitive edition of "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse," a sinister symphony orchestrated by the legendary Coffin Joe. This DVD not only presents a new digital widescreen transfer supervised by director José Mojica Marins but also includes exclusive content that plunges you deeper into the nightmarish world of Coffin Joe.

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Dive into Madness: "Awakening of the Beast" DVD - A Cinematic Journey with Coffin Joe and Two Exclusive Comics

Experience the surreal horror of Coffin Joe's "Awakening of the Beast" like never before with this exclusive DVD edition. Assembled under the watchful eye of director José Mojica Marins, this limited release not only presents a new digital widescreen transfer but also offers rare insights, a reproduction of original comics, and a chilling theatrical trailer.

🎬 New Digital Widescreen Transfer: Director's Cut Unleashed

Immerse yourself in Coffin Joe's world with a new digital widescreen transfer (1.66:1) sourced from the 35mm negative, meticulously supervised by director José Mojica Marins. Every frame, every scene is presented in all its chilling glory, ensuring a cinematic experience that preserves the eerie beauty of Coffin Joe's apocalyptic narrative.

🎙️ Director's Insight: Unveiling the Madness Behind the Scenes

Join director José Mojica Marins in an exclusive interview as he shares unprecedented insights into the making of "Awakening of the Beast." Explore the challenges, inspirations, and the surreal vision that brought this mind-altering masterpiece to life.

📚 Exclusive Coffin Joe Comics: A Collector's Dream

Immerse yourself in Coffin Joe's madness with the reproduction of two original comics, each spanning 37 pages at B4 size. These exclusive inserts offer a visual journey into the nightmarish world of Coffin Joe, a collector's dream that enhances your experience of the film.

🎭 Original Theatrical Trailer: A Chilling Prelude

Witness the anticipation and dread with the inclusion of the original theatrical trailer. This chilling preview provides a glimpse into the madness that awaits, setting the stage for the surreal horror that is "Awakening of the Beast."

🕵️ Limited Edition Collector's Set: Possess Your Madness

With exclusive content and director's supervision, this limited edition DVD is a must-have for enthusiasts of Coffin Joe and surreal horror cinema. Secure your copy now and let "Awakening of the Beast" unleash its madness on your collection.

🔒 Limited Stock: Awaken Your Collection

With limited copies available, this exclusive edition of "Awakening of the Beast" on DVD with two Coffin Joe comics is a rare gem for collectors and fans. Awaken your collection and plunge into the madness that only Coffin Joe can deliver.

Available Here- Possess your copy and awaken the madness with "Awakening of the Beast" DVD, featuring exclusive comics and insights from director José Mojica Marins.

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