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Cad Bizarre June 1968 Vol. 1 No.12 1968 Vintage Models and Culture

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Cad Bizarre June 1968 Vol. 1 No.12 1968 Vintage Models and Culture

Journey back to the vibrant and eclectic world of June 1968 with Cad Bizarre Vol. 1 No. 12, a vintage magazine that encapsulates the essence of the era's models and culture. This collector's gem is a captivating window into the fashion, trends, and cultural influences that defined the summer of '68.

Cad Bizarre's June 1968 issue is more than a magazine; it's a time capsule of vintage models and cultural phenomena. Flip through its pages to discover a unique blend of fashion features, cultural insights, and the unmistakable charm of 1960s aesthetics.

Explore the captivating world of Cad Bizarre as it showcases the styles and trends that shaped the cultural landscape of June 1968. From iconic fashion spreads to cultural commentary, this vintage magazine offers a glimpse into the zeitgeist of the time.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history with Cad Bizarre June 1968 Vol. 1 No. 12. Whether you're a collector, a vintage enthusiast, or someone captivated by the cultural nuances of the '60s, this edition is a must-have addition to your collection. Secure your copy and relish the beauty and nostalgia of 1968's vintage models and culture.

Out of print very collectible.  

Vintage pre-owned condition.

Please remember vintage used items may show signs of use / wear (i.e. light rubbing, pinholes, yellowing, bends or scuffs due to age --please see photos)

Kept in excellent condition.

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