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Boredoms Soul Discharge Vinyl 1989 Shimmy Disc Very Rare Japanese Noise Rock Hardcore Punk

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Boredoms Soul Discharge Vinyl 1989 Shimmy Disc Japanese Noise Rock Hardcore Punk.

Boredoms emerged in early 1986, spearheaded by Yamantaka Eye, known for his role in the notorious noise/performance act, Hanatarash. Hanatarash's chaotic live performances, marked by destruction and disregard for safety, deeply influenced the earliest iteration of Boredoms. Formed by former members of a band Eye started with Hanatarash drummer Ikuo Taketani, guitarist Tabata Mitsuru (Tabata Mara), bassist Hosoi Hisato, and vocalist Makki Sasarato, known as "Acid Makki & Combi and Zombie," Boredoms' sound was characterized by violent, noisy punk rock and no wave thrashings.

"Soul Discharge" (ソウル・ディスチャージ) stands as a landmark album by the rock band Boredoms, released in 1989. This seminal work showcases the band's innovative approach to music, blending elements of punk rock, noise, and experimental sounds. With its unconventional compositions and raw energy, "Soul Discharge" pushed the boundaries of musical expression, earning critical acclaim and solidifying Boredoms' reputation as pioneers in the alternative music scene. This album remains a timeless testament to the band's creativity and influence on the underground music landscape.

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