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Marquis Magazine No.29 Featuring: Tall Goddess Eve Ellis Yurika


Marquis Magazine No.29 Featuring: Tall Goddess, Eve, Ellis Yurika

Marquis Magazine No.29: A Fetish Revelation

Step into the captivating world of fetish and fantasy with Marquis Magazine No.29!

Founded by the visionary Peter W. Czernich and proudly printed in Belgium since August 1994, Marquis has been a beacon of artistic expression and sensuality for all who dare to explore the boundaries of desire.

The very name "Marquis" pays homage to the infamous philosopher and author, the Marquis de Sade, a master of provocation and exploration of the human psyche. In each issue, Marquis embraces the spirit of the Marquis de Sade, delving into the realms of desire, power, and transcendence.

Featuring remarkable individuals like the towering enchantress, Tall Goddess, Eve, Ellis, and the enigmatic Yurika, Marquis Magazine No.29 is a testament to the diversity and allure of the fetish world.

Over the years, Marquis has been graced by the presence of iconic models who have left an indelible mark on the fetish scene. The incomparable Dita von Teese, the legendary fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp, and others such as Minka, Jade Vixen, Starfucked, and the mesmerizing muse, Nina de Lianin, have all adorned its covers. They've helped establish Marquis as an institution, renowned across the globe, where boundaries are pushed and fantasies take flight.

Born as the official successor of the magazine "O," Marquis has carved its path with a semi- to quarterly publication frequency. It is a haven for those who revel in the world of fetish, latex, and avant-garde fashion. Within its pages, you'll find a mesmerizing blend of photography, models, books, movies, fashion, art, and lifestyle.

Marquis Magazine No.29 is more than just a publication; it's a journey into the extraordinary, a canvas for creative expression, and a celebration of individuality and allure. Delve into the pages and embark on an exploration of your desires, with Marquis as your trusted guide.

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