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Wikipiedi DVD: Starring Italian Star: Franca Kodi

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Wikipiedi DVD: Starring Italian Star: Franca Kodi 

Fans of Franca Kodi have been eagerly awaiting this film for a long time: "Wikipiedi" is the new fetish release in the series "The Fetishist's Films". The only, the true, the authentic Italian foot-fetish.

The anticipation among fans of Franca Kodi for this film has been palpable for quite some time now. Finally, their wait is over as "Wikipiedi" emerges as the latest addition to the revered series of "The Fetishist's Films". This new release promises to delve deep into the realms of fetishism, particularly focusing on the Italian foot-fetish scene. With its unapologetic authenticity and unwavering dedication to the craft, "Wikipiedi" stands as a testament to the unique allure of Italian foot-fetish culture. Prepare to be captivated by the singular, true representation of this niche fascination.

Duration: 112 Minutes • Italian Edition

Interactive Menu • Direct Access to Chapters

Trailer • Digital Stereo Sound • PAL Format 4:3

Sealed New

Kept in excellent condition.

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