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Horny Biker Slut No.3 1991

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Indulge in the Unapologetic World of Horney Biker Slut (HBS)

When Raunchiness Knows No Bounds

Amidst a field of raunchy comics, there's one that stands apart, unapologetically defying all norms – Horney Biker Slut (HBS). This infamous creation, born from the mind of John Howard in 1991, has risen to iconic status as one of Last Gasp's top-selling titles. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure for comic enthusiasts worldwide, and it makes no excuses for what it is.

Dive into a World Without Rules

Horney Biker Slut revels in breaking boundaries, even abusing the art of cartooning to share its wild and outrageous tales. Within its pages, you'll find yourself immersed in a bizarre universe inhabited by she-males, colossal motorcycles, and the most daring women ever to grace the panels of a comic book.

The Unhinged Minds Behind HBS

With contributions from artistic mavericks like John Howard, D.B. Velveeda, and James Burchett, Horney Biker Slut refuses to conform to any expectations. Instead, it throws conventions to the wind, offering readers a taste of comic book chaos.

The infamous comic was created by John Howard in 1991 and has since established itself as a staple guilty pleasure for comics readers around the globe. There is no apology for HBS. Horney Biker Slut uses —even abuses —the art of cartooning, to tell outrageous stories of a strange world of she-males, big motorcycles and the baddest girls ever to deface the pages of a comic book.

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