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Angels and Misfits: The Perfections of Imperfection by Gary Cook

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Angels and Misfits: The Perfections of Imperfection by Gary Cook.

Five years in the making, Angels/Misfits is a 304 page book of photographs of an amazing group of women. Featuring over 150 women all very different, yet kind of alike. They span in age from 18 (and three days) to 40. From size 00 to size 20. These photos show who they are, what they are about, and how they themselves. Tattooed indie girls a-plenty. Some fully clothed, some partially unclothed, some fully unclothed. Says the photographer: "Angels and misfits. In my mind, both terms of endearment. They are around us every day. Sometimes they just blend in, often they can't be missed. I have been photographing these women for 5 years for this project and I have found them to be: strong, crazy, sad, shy, extroverted and crazy (did I say crazy twice?) all at the same time. They're just like you and me only more colorful, inside and out. I like to think of it as... the perfection of imperfection."

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