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Midnight Magazine Vol. 6 No.1 Parliament Publication 1964

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Midnight Magazine Vol. 6 No.1 - A Parliament Publication from 1964

Featured Pictorials:

  1. High Hatted Heatwave: Immerse yourself in the sizzling summer vibes of 1964, captured through the lens of pure artistic brilliance. This pictorial invites you into a world where elegance meets scorching sensuality, where fashion and allure unite under the blazing sun.
  2. Vision with a View: Journey into the mesmerizing realm of a sophisticated woman who not only possesses grace and style but also an impeccable taste for life. Against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, this pictorial offers a glimpse into a world where beauty is enhanced by a picturesque view.
  3. Belle with a Home Bar: Step into the home of a modern-day belle, where she effortlessly combines her charm with mixology skills, creating an intoxicating atmosphere that is as inviting as it is captivating. This pictorial is a testament to the art of hospitality and timeless allure.
  4. Nymph in Net: In this enchanting pictorial, Elmer Batters unveils the ethereal beauty of a nymph ensnared in the intricate web of desire. Delicate, alluring, and captivating, it's a representation of femininity at its most enchanting.
  5. Bombshell in a Boudoir: Transport yourself to the golden age of Hollywood glamour, where a stunning bombshell's allure is heightened by the intimate setting of a boudoir. This pictorial captures the essence of vintage allure and classic sophistication.
  6. Art Nude's Art Mood: Delve into the realm of artistic expression as Elmer Batters explores the emotional depth and raw beauty of the art nude. Each frame is a masterpiece, transcending photography and entering the realm of pure artistry.
  7. Hi-Fi a-Go-Go: Get ready to groove to the rhythms of the 1960s in this electrifying pictorial that captures the spirit of the era. Hi-fi music and fashion merge to create an unforgettable cultural moment that defined an era.
  8. Cool Cat and the Fiddle: Witness the fusion of music and style as Elmer Batters showcases a cool cat whose charm is as timeless as the melody he plays on his fiddle. This pictorial is a testament to the enduring allure of musicality and charisma.
  9. Musical Kick for Kate: Join Kate on a musical journey where her passion for rhythm and melody takes center stage. This fusion of dance, music, and style is a captivating ode to the power of artistic expression.

Featured Models:

  • Vivian Cameron: A vision of timeless beauty and sophistication, Vivian Cameron graces the pages of Midnight Magazine with an air of elegance that is simply irresistible.
  • Belle Sanderson: The epitome of grace and charm, Belle Sanderson's presence in this issue is a celebration of timeless allure and charisma.
  • Dell Driscoll: Dell Driscoll brings an aura of mystery and intrigue to the magazine, captivating readers with her enigmatic presence.
  • Darlene Morgan: With her magnetic appeal and undeniable beauty, Darlene Morgan is a muse for Elmer Batters' lens, leaving an indelible mark in this publication.
  • Cheryl Parmentier: Cheryl Parmentier adds a touch of sophistication and allure to this stellar lineup of featured models, gracing the pages with her captivating presence.

In addition to these captivating pictorials and stunning models, this issue also includes a compelling article on the legendary David Nivens, offering readers a fascinating insight into the life and career of this iconic figure. Midnight Magazine Vol. 6 No.1 is a timeless publication that not only celebrates the beauty and style of its era but also provides a window into the culture and sensibilities of 1964.

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