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The Tattooists Albert L. Morse 1977 1st Edition Vintage Hardcover Sealed

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* First Two images are of the brand new factory sealed book, other images are from a previous books added for descriptive representation.

Explore the Exquisite Details of "The Tattooists" First Edition, 1977

Dive into the captivating world of tattoo artistry with "The Tattooists," a remarkable hardcover book that holds the distinction of being a brand new, factory-sealed first edition from 1977. This exquisite edition, one of only 2500 copies produced, is a true collector's treasure.

Key Features:

Hardcover Brilliance: This book is in pristine, brand new condition, with a dust jacket that is equally flawless. It's a testament to the care taken to preserve this unique piece of tattoo culture history.

First Edition Charm: "The Tattooists" is a first edition, which adds to its rarity and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.

Artistic Delights: The semi-glossy color cover boasts an Ed Hardy tattoo design on the front, setting the tone for the artistic journey within. The endpapers feature striking and captivating color designs, though uncredited, that draw you further into the world of tattoo art.

An Artist's Showcase: With 128 numbered pages, this book features a curated selection of 34 prominent tattoo artists from the era. Each artist is represented through a photograph, a reproduction of their business card, and examples of their remarkable work.

A Splash of Color: Eight full-color illustrations and photos grace the pages of "The Tattooists," providing a vivid glimpse into the world of tattoo artistry. The remaining content is richly detailed in black and white.

Comprehensive Insights: The book includes a bibliography, adding depth to its value as a reference for those interested in the history and artistry of tattooing.

This first edition of "The Tattooists" is not merely a book; it's a time capsule that captures the essence of a unique subculture and a moment in tattoo history. For collectors, tattoo aficionados, and anyone with an appreciation for the art form, this edition is a must-have.

Secure your copy of this rare, factory-sealed first edition and embark on a visual journey through the artistry and culture of tattooing as it was in 1977.

Out of print very collectible.  

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