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Russian Lolita / Russkaya Lolita DVD English Subtitles Nabokov

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Russian Lolita (Armen Oganezov film) (subtitles)

   Subtitles: English

   Languages: Russian

   Format: Color

   Genre(s): Drama

   Year of release: 2018 (2007)

   Recording length: 93 min.

The action of a controversial novel "Lolita", of the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov, reset to present day Russia.

A mother and her daughter are running short of money and are thankful that they could rent a room to a writer. The mother is lonely and the daughter is coming of age. The mother immediately gets in love with him, which causing to the daughter a terrible jealousy. And then the daughter chooses the most unfailing weapon - she tries to discourage him from her mother. She is even trying to convince her mom, that since she is becoming a woman, that he should teach her some of the finer points of love.

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Русская Лолита (фильм Армена Оганезова)

К одинокой женщине с дочерью, селится писатель Геннадий Петрович. У него завязывается роман с хозяйкой дома, вызвавший у дочери страшную ревность. И тогда дочь выбирает самое безотказное оружие — она пытается отбить его у своей мамы.

Режиссер: Армен Оганезов

В ролях: Валерия Немченко, Марина Засимова, Владимир Сорокин, Наталья Белова, Армен Оганезов, Диана Соснова, Даниела Торнева

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