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Body Art (UK) Issue 14 1990's Featuring: Krystyen Kolorful Plus a Rare 8x10 Print

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Body Art Magazine (UK) Issue 14 1990's Featuring: Krystyen Kolorful Plus a Rare 8x10 Print

Also Featured Tattooed in the USA & The Paris Tattoo Convention

🎨 Unveiling Body Art Magazine (UK) Issue 14 - A 1990's Gem! 📖

Step into a time capsule of ink, creativity, and rebellion with our vintage edition! In this issue, we take you on a journey through the bold and vibrant world of tattoo artistry in the 1990s. Get ready to be transported to an era where ink was a symbol of self-expression, individuality, and rebellion.

🌟 Featuring Krystyen Kolorful: Dive into the mesmerizing world of Krystyen Kolorful, an iconic tattoo model whose vibrant and eclectic image has left an indelible mark on the tattoo scene. Explore her unique tattoos and discover the inspiration behind her colorful masterpieces.

🖼️ Rare 8x10 Print: As a special treat, this issue includes a rare Krystyen Kolorful 8x10 print . This collectible print is a piece of history that will add a touch of vintage cool to your collection.

But that's not all! We also take you on a thrilling ride across the Atlantic with "Tattooed in the USA," where you'll get a glimpse of the tattoo scene in the land of the free and the home of the brave. From New York to Los Angeles, we explore the inked subcultures that defined a nation.

And don't miss our coverage of "The Paris Tattoo Convention," a captivating event that brings together artists, enthusiasts, and rebels from around the world. Get an insider's look at the artistry, camaraderie, and boundary-pushing creativity that make this convention a must-attend for tattoo aficionados.

Whether you're a seasoned collector, a tattoo enthusiast, or simply curious about the evolution of body art, Body Art Magazine (UK) Issue 14 is a rare gem that belongs on your shelf. Relive the spirit of the 1990s, where tattoos were more than just ink; they were a lifestyle.

Grab your copy today and rediscover the magic of a bygone era in the world of body art! 📚

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