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Amateurs 1940: secret and intimate images of licentiousness

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Amateurs 1940: secret and intimate images of licentiousness By Alexandre Dupouy (New Condition)

In the 1940s, nothing was going well. After the debacle, the new power seeks culprits and advocates a return to the values ​​of work, family, country. The libertine mores that developed during the 1930s are accused of being responsible for the degeneration of the “French Race”. So debauchery and lust are hiding. But, as if to exorcise this black decade, the libertines nevertheless seek to share their intimacy. The increasingly sophisticated photographic equipment allows everyone to immortalize the moment and the body of desire, to exhibit it and keep it for posterity. The technique participates in the development of the imagination. Flashes, games of mirrors, depths of field, self-timers become the new toys of erotic turpitude. If there are clumsiness, they are transformed into moving winks. These harlots with often hidden faces have chosen to leave us the images of their exhibitions, reminding us that, even if at certain periods of humanity Eros can be hunted down, vilified, condemned, censored, gagged, he remains omnipresent for his emancipated disciples. of any obscurantism, of any concept of sin, guilt or redemption and offers us here humor, pleasure and tenderness in this world where too often History is written in violence.

Binding: Paperback

Height: 21.0 cm / Width 15.0 cm

Out of print very collectible.  

New Condition

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