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The 27 Club (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Red Vinyl

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"Step into the Eerie Soundscapes of 'The 27 Club' Soundtrack"

Enter a realm where music and horror intertwine in the dark and eclectic soundtrack of the indie horror film, "The 27 Club." Inspired by the chilling urban legend that revolves around legendary rock stars who met their untimely demise at the age of 27, this soundtrack is a mesmerizing journey into the shadows of the human psyche.

🎸 The Legends Live On

The eerie presence of Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, and others looms large as the soundtrack pays homage to these iconic figures who left a profound mark on the world of music.

🎶 An Eclectic Sound Palette

Featuring music by Todd Rundgren, featuring Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor, the soundtrack offers a unique blend of talents. Expect aural innovations that draw you deeper into the enigmatic world of the 27 Club.

🎤 Vocal Powerhouse

The Vibrators' vocalist/guitarist Knox adds his distinct vocal prowess to the mix, making this soundtrack a dynamic tapestry of sound and emotion.

🏭 Industrial Edge

Industrial enthusiasts are in for a treat with contributions from the industrial band The Anix. Their sonic landscapes inject an extra layer of intensity into the soundtrack, amplifying the sense of dread and intrigue.

🎼 Die Krupps's Jürgen Engler

The original score, composed and performed by Jürgen Engler of Die Krupps, takes you on an immersive journey through the film's darkest corners. Engler's musical genius shines through, enveloping you in an auditory experience you won't soon forget.

🔴 Limited Edition on Red Vinyl

For collectors and enthusiasts, this soundtrack is available on striking RED vinyl. This limited edition adds a visual and tactile dimension to the auditory adventure, making it a must-have addition to your vinyl collection.

"The 27 Club" soundtrack is more than just music; it's an experience. It's a portal to the enigmatic world of urban legends, eerie tales, and the captivating allure of the rock stars who defied age and convention. Whether you're a fan of horror, music, or both, this soundtrack beckons you to embrace the dark, eclectic symphony that awaits. Unveil the mystery and immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape of "The 27 Club."

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