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Helios Creed ‎– Planet X 1994 Amphetamine Reptile Records

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Helios Creed ‎– Planet X 1994 Amphetamine Reptile Records 

"Planet X" by Helios Creed: A Sonic Odyssey from 1994

Dive into the realm of sonic exploration with "Planet X," the eighth mesmerizing album by Helios Creed. Released on October 7, 1994, through Amphetamine Reptile Records, this album is a testament to Helios Creed's innovative musical prowess.

Track Listing:

🎵 Tele-Vision (5:19)

Experience a sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional music as "Tele-Vision" unfolds with its hypnotic rhythms and intriguing soundscapes.

🔥 Fire in the Head (3:18)

Feel the energy surge with "Fire in the Head," a track that ignites your senses with its raw intensity and distinctive musicality.

🌟 Dog Star (3:42)

"Dog Star" beckons you into a cosmic dimension with its celestial melodies, taking you on a sonic voyage through the night sky.

🧟 Kurt Zombie (5:36)

In "Kurt Zombie," Helios Creed weaves a sonic tale that's as enigmatic as the name suggests. Embrace the unconventional and let your imagination roam free.

🌊 Waves (2:04)

"Waves" provides a moment of respite, a brief interlude in this musical odyssey, a tranquil pause amidst the sonic storm.

🛸 First Encounter (2:50)

"First Encounter" is a mysterious initiation into an audio adventure, inviting you to explore the uncharted territories of sound.

🔦 Plato's Cave (4:11)

Delve into the depths of consciousness with "Plato's Cave," a track that invites introspection and contemplation.

🌌 Won't Kill Myself (4:05)

In "Won't Kill Myself," Helios Creed's sonic tapestry continues to unravel, offering a blend of dark and luminous tones.

👽 Next Encounter (6:24)

"Next Encounter" is a prolonged voyage through Helios Creed's musical universe, an expedition into the unknown.

🚀 The Ascent (1:28)

Concluding "Planet X" with "The Ascent," you'll find yourself ascending to new auditory heights, a fitting closure to this mesmerizing album.

Helios Creed, Chris McKay, Paul Della Pelle, and Z Sylver come together to craft an auditory experience that defies conventions and transcends time. "Planet X" is more than an album; it's an exploration of sound, a journey through the unknown, and a masterpiece of audio artistry. Order your copy and embark on this extraordinary musical odyssey today.

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