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Maniac No. 5 - Revue D'amour Critique Dupouy And Berquet - 1997

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Maniac No. 5 - Revue D'amour Critique Dupouy And Berquet - 1997.

Gilles BERQUET, Editor-in-Chief

Contributors to this issue: Marie Kelly, Jo Chumas, Fabienne Boisset, Wendy Parramore, Mïrka Lugosi, DnA, Jean-Sébastien Schoor, Stéphane Lévy-Kuentz, Jacques Noël, Jean-Pierre Faur & Alexandre Dupouy.

One of 2000 paperback copies of 48 pages.

Maniac keeps on growing and has now ennobled itself with what we commonly call a baseline: critical love magazine

for love can now be measured, counted, mechanized and even virtualized! Still, love remains the only thing that leads us, and especially Maniac, to cause a lot of ink and blood to flow as much as cum and sperm. Love makes you crazy, so they say! Maniac plays the jester to entertain you all. In this issue, we have published some of the numerous texts and documents you sent us. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce them all and we apologize for it. Our selection is far from being objective, it is like this woman who walks on the street and whom I like; I don’t know why but I like her…

6x8 inches

48 pages

Intended for adults.

French Language

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